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The members of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce meet regulary taking part both in formal and informal gatherings. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any proposals for coming events at

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Tour and Lecture at the National Bank of Estonia25.05.2022 16:00
FICE's Executive Survey 2022 Seminar17.05.2022 13:30
Company visit: Tanker Brewery/Royal Unibrew13.05.2022 16:00
Raising Capital for Medium Enterprises in Estonia27.04.2022 16:00
Danish Easter Dinner13.04.2022 18:00
AGM13.04.2022 16:00
Wine Tasting & Food Pairing17.02.2022 17:00
Nordic Spirit of Christmas09.12.2021 17:00
Scanworking Thursday - Business & Hygge21.10.2021 17:00
Lucrative Lunch: Benefits & Opportunities in the 2021 Labor Law12.10.2021 12:00
FICE Pre-Election Debate07.10.2021 12:30
FICE Autumn Season Kick Off: Buffet dinner and meeting with the Minister of Finance28.09.2021 17:00
Scanworking Thursday - Business & Hygge16.09.2021 17:00
DECC Business, Nature & Wine Trip21.08.2021 08:00
Scanworking Thursday - Business & Hygge19.08.2021 17:00
Scanworking Thursday - Business & Hygge03.06.2021 17:00
FICE's Executive Survey 2021 Seminar02.06.2021 14:30
Sales & Export webinar "A Safe Place in an Unsafe World"11.05.2021 14:00
Real Estate Market in the Baltics - a Crisis or an Opportunity Caused by Pandemic?16.04.2021 12:00
Annual General Meeting08.04.2021 16:00
Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn04.03.2021 15:30
Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn04.03.2021 15:30
60 Minutes of Practical Employment Law18.02.2021 14:00
Webinar 100 Years Diplomatic Relations between Denmark and Estonia – Going Green Together05.02.2021 14:00
Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn04.02.2021 15:30
Buy Takeout Danish Christmas Dinner and participate at DECC Christmas Lottery!26.12.2020 18:00
Scanworking Thursday - Business & Hygge15.10.2020 17:00
Scanworking Thursday - Business & Hygge10.09.2020 17:00
Danske Bank - the Humans and Managers Behind the Story12.03.2020 16:30
Annual General Meeting12.03.2020 15:15
Scanworking Thursday05.03.2020 17:00
Authentic Danish Christmas Party06.12.2019 19:00
FICE seminar with EAS and Ministry of Social Affairs28.11.2019 16:00
EY Business Breakfast „Economic uncertainty on the rise01.10.2019 09:00
Networking Thursday @Põhjala Brewery19.09.2019 17:00
Data is new oil! Cyber Defense Seminar05.09.2019 16:00
Danish target market seminar: Industry 4.0 in Denmark29.08.2019 10:00
International Chambers Golf Tournament 201921.08.2019 13:00
Dannebrog 800 U16 Football match Estonia VS Denmark29.06.2019 19:00
Dannberog 800 U16 Pre-Match Nõmme United JK VS Møns FK28.06.2019 19:30
Dannebrog 800 Gala Dinner15.06.2019 19:00
Gala Concert “Estonia 100 and Dannebrog 800” 15.06.2019 17:00
Family day at Vabaduse Square15.06.2019 11:00
Arrival of Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe II15.06.2019 09:00
Christmas celebration 201830.11.2018 18:00
Mingling and tasting of unique wines at Calle11.10.2018 16:00
International Chambers of Commerce Football Tournament08.09.2018 10:00
Companies Football 2018 Tournament25.08.2018 08:00
Foreign Chambers Golf Tournament23.08.2018 13:30
Screening of "The Giant Pear" - in Estonian27.06.2018 18:00
Family day at the Tallinn Zoo (End season event)17.06.2018 09:45
Valdemar's Day15.06.2018 12:50
Company visit to Runway International06.03.2018 16:00
DENMARK - export destination seminar13.02.2018 13:30
Fastelavn 201811.02.2018 12:00
FICE kick-off mingle08.02.2018 17:00
Season kick-off at the Estonian Central Bank24.01.2018 15:30
Danish Christmas Party 201701.12.2017 18:30
Nordic PÖFF Mingle, November 2727.11.2017 16:00
Charity Bazaar 201726.11.2017 11:00
Morning seminar "Working abroad and from abroad"23.11.2017 11:00
Business after-hours: "Export and sales challenges of a distillery"01.11.2017 15:00
Oktoberfest in Tallinn 201729.09.2017 19:00
Football challenge DECC vs SCCE23.09.2017 15:00
DECC member's reception19.09.2017 16:30
Luncheon with Estonian Prime Minister06.09.2017 12:00
Foreign Chambers Golf Tournament 201729.08.2017 14:00
Viking village season kick-off for the Danish community27.08.2017 12:00
Concert: Orkester Norden celebrating Finland21.08.2017 19:00
Danish Flag's Anniversary15.06.2017 00:00
Hyggelig dinner with ambassador Søren Kelstrup07.06.2017 19:00
Eesti Kodu invitation to picnic, June 4 in Dyrehaven04.06.2017 12:00
SEB Outlook invite from SCCE30.05.2017 12:00
DECC council meeting29.05.2017 16:00
International Chambers of Commerce Football Tournament27.05.2017 13:00
Industrie 4.0 - Raising productivity, invitation from NECC23.05.2017 13:30
Networking and wine at NEON: 22.05.201722.05.2017 17:00
Discover Läänemaa10.05.2017 08:00
Annual General Meeting 201704.05.2017 16:00
Export seminar: destination Denmark26.04.2017 14:00
After hours get-together at NEON Translations30.03.2017 17:00
Baltic Gas Conference 2017 - Tallinn22.03.2017 09:30
NJORD Law Firm in Estonia invites to breakfast seminar09.03.2017 09:00
Seminar: New Technologies in Danish Water Sector08.03.2017 09:00
Fastelavn celebration 201705.03.2017 15:00
On behalf of our partner organization Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, we would like to invite you to take part of the seminar "A Year of Many Unknowns"01.03.2017 18:00
Morning coffee with Estonian Ambassador in Denmark, Märt Volmer21.02.2017 09:00
Meet & Greet the New President of Estonia!17.01.2017 12:00
Hortes home decor and garden center invites to enchanting wonderland06.12.2016 17:00
DECC traditional Christmas dinner02.12.2016 18:00
Nordic PÖFF night16.11.2016 17:00
Investors' Summit: Diversity, Openness and Competitive Estonia11.11.2016 08:35
Nordic Investors' farewell Dinner to President T. H. Ilves10.11.2016 18:30
German Beer Tasting27.10.2016 18:00
Danish-Swedish Annual Football Challenge 201615.10.2016 15:00
Business networking in Narva Sept 21, 201621.09.2016 08:00
Nordic Investors' Lunch20.09.2016 12:00
Annual luncheon with Mr Taavi Rõivas, Estonian Prime Minister02.09.2016 12:00
2nd Foreign Chambers' Golf Tournament30.08.2016 14:00
DECC Family Day - August 28, 201628.08.2016 13:00
Midsummer reception by Nordic Embassies13.06.2016
Morning hike to Paljassaare05.06.2016 08:00
International Chambers' of Commerces Football Tournament powered by Danske Bank28.05.2016 11:00
DECC football team meets Swedish team21.05.2016 15:00
Business delegation to Vordingborg, Denmark11.05.2016
Europe Day in Tallinn07.05.2016 11:00
SEB Outlook business lunch03.05.2016 12:00
Chambers' networking at Jazzkaar27.04.2016 18:00
Annual General Meeting 201620.04.2016 16:00
Get to know more about Badminton with FECC27.03.2016 16:00
Tobias Jakobsen's inspirational lecture15.03.2016 11:30
DECC members' exclusive: dinner with H.E. Märt Volmer08.03.2016 17:30
Danish-Dutch Friendly Football Challenge27.02.2016 14:00
Estonian 98th Independence Day reception for Nordic chambers and embassies18.02.2016 17:00
Danish Day in Solaris11.02.2016 18:00
Dutch-Danish football meeting23.01.2016 15:00
Danish Christmas Celebration 201504.12.2015 18:30
Seminar-reception at Danish Embassy23.11.2015 17:00
Nordic Chambers PÖFF mingle19.11.2015 17:00
Mortens Afton dinner at Vihula Manor, Nov 707.11.2015 18:00
Danish Week at Vihula Manor, November 6-1506.11.2015
Danish-Estonian Business Gathering, Town Hall23.10.2015
Investors' Summit 2015: Technology Disruption and Change Management21.10.2015 09:00
Danish Export Seminar in Tartu07.10.2015 12:45
Estonian Entrepreneurship Week, October 5-11, 201505.10.2015
Danish-Swedish Annual Football Challenge 201526.09.2015 15:00
Foreign chambers' luncheon meeting with Estonian Prime Minister10.09.2015 13:00
DECC council meeting September 202.09.2015 08:30
DECC invites: "Creativity Creates Security", August 24-2524.08.2015
Foreign Chambers’ Golf Tournament 201521.08.2015 13:00
Family Day to celebrate the Danish Flag Day (June 15th)14.06.2015
DECC council meeting08.06.2015 16:30
Annual General Meeting 201520.04.2015 16:00
Nordic Open 2015: world's best farmers in Estonia26.03.2015 09:00
Company visit to Mira Ehitusmaterjalid - March 9, 201509.03.2015 16:00
DECC council meeting03.03.2015 16:30
Pre-election debate with international chambers of commerce11.02.2015 16:00
DECC council meeting11.02.2015 09:00
DECC council meeting28.01.2015 17:00
International Christmas Celebration 201405.12.2014 18:30
Chambers PÖFF mingle, Nov 1919.11.2014 17:00
Danish–Lithuanian cooperation "Future and Best Practices"11.11.2014
DECC member company visit to Saku Brewery, Nov 707.11.2014 13:00
Investors' Summit 2014: transatlantic trade and investment partnership31.10.2014 08:30
Seminar "ready to do business in Denmark?"21.10.2014 15:30
Traditional football match: Danes vs Swedes11.10.2014 14:30
Nordic CSR conference "Boost Your business with CSR!", Sept 2222.09.2014 13:00
Luncheon meeting with the Prime Minister, Sept 12th at 12:0012.09.2014 12:00
DCC networking meeting in Riga, Sept 5-605.09.2014 11:00
Family Day to celebrate the Danish Flag Day, June 1515.06.2014 11:00
International Chambers of Commerce Football Tournament powered by Danske Bank24.05.2014 10:00
Mingle with FryDay Afterwork Tallinn23.05.2014 18:00
Join Us For Eurovision Cheering on May 1010.05.2014 20:30
Seminar-discussion on logistics23.04.2014 18:00
DECC Annual General Meeting 201423.04.2014 17:00
Monthly DECC council meeting31.03.2014 16:00
Visit a member and discuss sales network creation in Scandinavia25.03.2014 16:00
Monthly DECC council meeting11.03.2014 16:30
Man vs Woman with DECC07.03.2014 18:00
Estonian Independence Day's Celebration - 9620.02.2014 17:30
Monthly DECC council meeting05.02.2014 18:30
Meet & Learn DECC members - ICT sector in focus05.02.2014 16:00
Welcome to Fishhouse event09.01.2014 18:00
Christmas meeting of Foreign Investors' Board12.12.2013 15:00
Monthly DECC council meeting11.12.2013 16:30
December mingle with Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce10.12.2013 18:00
International Christmas Party06.12.2013 18:00
Welcome to Scandinavia seminar, Dec 5 and 605.12.2013 09:00
What animal is SEPA? Why with Danske?22.11.2013 11:30
Investors' Summit 2013 "Staying Attractive - The Way Forward"08.11.2013 09:00
Google Apps training (in English)27.09.2013 09:00
Municipal Elections: Pre-election Debate25.09.2013 09:00
Google Apps training (in Estonian)13.09.2013 09:00
Luncheon meeting with the PM of Estonia06.09.2013 12:30
Welcome to Family Golf'nic!15.06.2013 12:00
U-21 EST-DEN football match EM 2013-201507.06.2013 16:30
DECC council meeting31.05.2013 16:30
Company visit & mingle at Ramboll31.05.2013 15:00
Business lunch: Nordic Baltic Outlook by SEB29.05.2013 12:00
International Chambers of Commerce's Football Tournament 2013, powered by Danske Bank25.05.2013 12:00
Nordic Open 2013 "Cross-border Expansion"15.05.2013 08:30
DECC Annual General Meeting23.04.2013 18:00
SportPromotion Diplomat Cup 201321.04.2013 12:30
Happy Holland Hour12.04.2013 18:00
Board of DECC meeting Estonian honorary consuls in Denmark08.04.2013 10:30
"Conquer Denmark! vol 2"28.03.2013 09:00
DECC council meeting18.03.2013 17:00
Company visit & mingle at Citymed28.02.2013 17:30
Celebration recepetion for 95th Anniversary for the Estonian Republic21.02.2013 17:30
February Mingle with the Brits, Dutch, Norwegians and Danes06.02.2013 17:30
DECC council meeting23.01.2013 17:00
Business seminar: Conquer Denmark!23.01.2013 08:30
International Christmas Celebration 201207.12.2012 18:00
Danish Song Evening29.11.2012 19:00
International Christmas Bazaar25.11.2012 11:00
DECC council meeting21.11.2012 17:00
DECC council meeting08.11.2012 19:00
Investors' Summit 2012 "Is Estonia Ready To Open Its Borders?"01.11.2012 09:00
DECC council meeting24.10.2012 17:00
Danish-Lithuanian Investment Forum 201211.10.2012 10:00
A rendezvous of professional, passionate and philanthropic women10.10.2012 17:00
Company visit: Sampo Pank26.09.2012 16:00
Traditional football challenge: Den vs Swe15.09.2012 15:00
Nordic Open 201214.09.2012 10:00
Annual Speaker Luncheon with PM04.09.2012 11:30
Estonians' summer meeting in Denmark31.08.2012
Mingle of international chambers of commerce members29.08.2012 17:00
Danish-German European Football Championship17.06.2012 21:45
Friendly football match: Denmark - Germany17.06.2012 17:00
Danish Flag Day get-together15.06.2012 18:00
Danish Design Evening31.05.2012 19:00
International Chambers of Commerce's Football Tournament 2012, powered by Sampo Pank26.05.2012 12:00
Business lunch: SEB outlook 201223.05.2012 12:00
DECC council meeting22.05.2012 17:00
Open lecture by the Danish Ambassador, Mr Uffe A. Balslev at Tallinn Techical University16.05.2012 15:00
Nordic Look - Architecture and Urban Space 2012, May 15-3015.05.2012
Responsibility and liability of management board members in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings14.05.2012 08:30
Open doors day at the Danish Embassy12.05.2012 11:00
Estonian Taxes: today's realities and plans for tomorrow (luncheon by AmCham)04.05.2012 12:00
Concert by DJanzz + Piip & Tuut (Jazzkaar 2012)21.04.2012 12:00
Get to know the beer world19.04.2012 18:00
MIngle with Spanish along with wine and paella18.04.2012 18:00
Photography class "Everything to get the best photo to your album!"16.04.2012 18:00
DECC annual general meeting 201212.04.2012 17:30
Easter buffet on business topics03.04.2012 18:00
Executive Women's Dinner by BECC28.03.2012 18:00
DECC council meeting27.03.2012 17:00
Mingle with the members of the Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce26.03.2012 17:00
Danish Film Festival in Tartu26.03.2012
Danish Film Festival in Tallinn23.03.2012
FICE annual general meeting22.03.2012
DECC mingle with the Spaniards21.03.2012 18:00
Breakfast seminar: what you need to know about termination of employment contracts?19.03.2012 08:30
Lyefish Party and NECC AGM06.03.2012 19:00
NECC business seminar06.03.2012 16:00
Afternoon seminar with the Ministry of Social Affairs22.02.2012 16:00
Estonian Independence Day's celebration21.02.2012 19:00
MAQS Breakfast Seminar: discussion on real estate17.02.2012 08:00
February Mingle with Brits, Norwegians and Dutch15.02.2012 17:30
Seminar for Executive Women: "The Power of Personal Brand"14.02.2012 09:15
Round table discussion on foreign trade10.02.2012 10:00
The latest changes in Lithuanian Tax Legislation and Accounting Standards - presented by Deloitte09.02.2012 15:00
FICE board meeting09.02.2012 09:30
Gala concert with the winners of the F, Chopin's Young Pianist Competition05.02.2012 15:00
DECC gathering after office hours: mind-mapping for business01.02.2012 17:45
DECC council meeting01.02.2012 17:00
Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania invites: Positioning for Change in Belarus31.01.2012 16:00
What you need to know about competition law!23.01.2012 08:30
Christmas party with old and new friends09.12.2011 18:00
Breakfast seminar: certificate on the absence of tax arrears in the public procurement procedure11.11.2011 08:00
Company visit: „How safe are we on the sea?“ by Viking Life-Saving Equipment02.11.2011 17:00
Business Breakfast: "Manage your risks in international transport"20.10.2011 08:30
Investors' Summit 2011 - The Future of Estonian Labor Market: Education vs Business Needs14.10.2011 09:00
Nordic Open 2011 - business and networking conference05.10.2011
Business Breakfast seminar: "3rd generation cash flow management"29.09.2011 08:30
Strategy, Experience & Mistakes - personal experience shared by Jørgen Lindegaard27.09.2011 12:00
Traditional football match: Danes vs Swedes17.09.2011 15:00
AmCham Speaker Luncheon with Prime Minister Ansip in cooperation with the DECC09.09.2011 12:00
What does the employer need to know about personal data?31.08.2011 08:30
Company visit "Where does internet come from?"29.08.2011 13:00
What drives the value of a company?25.08.2011 09:15
Dannebrog's Day - reception15.06.2011
DECC invites: Summer Start!27.05.2011 16:30
International Chambers Football Tournament 201121.05.2011 12:45
"The Estonian Model for Growth" conference in Faroe Islands19.05.2011
Sales techniques' training by Ivan Munoz05.05.2011 17:30
Export sales - Denmark, Norway, Sweden03.05.2011 13:00
"IT Security and YOU"26.04.2011 10:00
Company visit to DnB Nord Bank18.04.2011 17:00
Expatriate Tax Planning seminar18.04.2011 09:00
Annual General Meeting12.04.2011 17:00
"Innovation of value chain" seminar by EAS08.04.2011 10:00
"In A Better World" premiere at Coca Cola Plaza11.03.2011 18:45
My Conference is inviting to a seminar "Estonia's Road to Tolerance"10.03.2011 09:45
Incoterms training by ETC (in Estonian)10.03.2011 09:30
Morning coffee "More funding to make your dreams come true"09.03.2011 08:30
Introduction seminar to Scandinavian markets03.03.2011 12:45
Independence Day's reception "First 93 Years - from East to North"22.02.2011 17:00
Mingle with the Brits, Dutch and Norwegians16.02.2011 17:30
Pre-election debate "Creating a Fertile FDI Environment"10.02.2011 14:00
Visit-seminar to Estonian ICT Demo Centre08.02.2011 16:00
Business seminar-dinner with ERPP27.01.2011
Let's start exporting - Denmark19.01.2011 16:00
Christmas party10.12.2010 17:00
Investors’ Summit 201029.10.2010
Nordic Open 2010 conference08.10.2010
After Business Hours at Viking Motors (invite from SCCE)30.09.2010 17:00
Meet with a VIP at the Danish Embassy – prof Erik Terk30.09.2010 11:30
Seminar-visit to a member company: MAQS Law Firm27.09.2010 17:00
Football challenge between Danish and Swedish Chambers18.09.2010 15:00
Luncheon meeting with PM, Mr Andrus Ansip17.09.2010 12:00
Business lunch on €uro impacts on Estonia16.09.2010 12:00
Summer kick-off 201019.06.2010
Mingle with the Brits and the Dutch28.05.2010 15:00
"The Future of Estonia - Just a Periphery of Scandinavia?"27.05.2010 11:30
International Chambers of Commerce's Football Tournament 2010 - powered by Sampo Pank22.05.2010 12:00
Sampo's Leaders Forum 2010 "To the Fresh Waters"05.05.2010 12:30
Spanish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce invites29.04.2010 17:00
Tallinn International Rotary Club invites24.04.2010 19:00
Online marketing benefits for legal entities21.04.2010 17:00
American Chamber of Commerce in Estonia invites08.04.2010 09:00
The Estonian Museum of Applied Art & Design invites12.03.2010 17:00
Business seminar at Danish Embassy11.03.2010 12:00
British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce invites05.03.2010 09:00
DECC Annual General Meeting03.03.2010 18:00
Nordic Chamber's Reception "Nordic with a Twist"15.02.2010 16:00
Seminar on Estonian current and predicted economical situation28.01.2010 18:00
Business lunch "Here we are. What's next?"26.01.2010 11:45
Welcome to the Danish Embassy in Tallinn13.01.2010 16:00
A Very Special Christmas Event!11.12.2009 18:00
Outsourcing for increased profitability12.11.2009 15:00
"A Clean Energy Future" conference11.11.2009 08:45
EU Grants and Successful Applications14.10.2009 08:30
A fantastic football day!10.10.2009 17:30
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