Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce since 2007

Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (DECC, in Danish: Dansk-Estiske Handelskammer, in Estonian: Taani-Eesti Kaubanduskoda) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to:

  • Create, support and develop economic relations between Danish and Estonian companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Serve as a business and social platform to facilitate business opportunities within the network
  • Convey relevant business information regarding Estonia, the country's economy, and the surrounding region
  • Promote the interests of the members


Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce's history

The forerunner of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the Danish-Estonian Business Club, was founded in 1996 as an informal forum for Danish businessmen in Estonia. Since the establishment of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce in September 2007, the chamber has received a very positive and supportive response from the business community in Estonia, as well as in Denmark. Chamber members representing a wide range of industries. The chamber is fully funded by its members and income generated by its activities.

The DECC is not affiliated with the government or any other political organizations. It represents the interests of the members in communication with the government of the Republic of Estonia and other state authorities through the Foreign Investors Council in Estonia (FICE).

Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce's membership

DECC is open to companies, organizations and individuals who share an interest in facilitating international commerce or/and are conducting business in or trade with Estonia and Denmark. Get acquainted with the membership benefits.


(Last update 2017)