Friday, 7 July 2023

See the presentation and minutes from the Annual General Meeting of the DECC here. 

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DECC Newsletter April 2022

Monday, 2 May 2022

Dear Members and Friends of DECC! Yes, it is still me, Peter, writing this Chairman's corner. I would like to thank everyone who attended our AGM and elected our council. A very special thank to you Ma...

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DECC Newsletter March 2022

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Dear Members and Friends of DECC! 24.02.2022 – happy Independence Day Estonia! There is really a lot to celebrate. Estonia has shown the way for the former USSR states, about how to create a safe and se...

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DECC Newsletter January 2022

Monday, 31 January 2022

Dear Members and Friends of DECC! I hope you are doing well and are finished cleaning the snow after the latest snowstorm!2022 is well started for DECC and we are working on events throughout the year....

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DECC News December 2021

Thursday, 23 December 2021

Dear Members and Friends of DECC! This is the last newsletter of 2021, and again we are looking back at a difficult year - with many ups and downs! Luckily we have had some very good events, some as pu...

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DECC Newsletter November 2021

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Dear Members and Friends of DECC! Winter is here and it is white and snowy outside - the time of the year to enjoy the upcoming Christmas with the family and good friends. Business environment is still...

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DECC Newsletter September 2021

Monday, 4 October 2021

Dear Members and Friends of DECC! Another season is here, and we already started with an interesting event in the frame of FICE (Foreign Investors Council of Estonia) - a Q&A session with the Minister...

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DECC Newsletter August 2021

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Dear Members and Friends of DECC!I hope You have all enjoyed a good and very warm summer with your families and good friends! Now we are getting ready for the autumn season, and there are many interestin...

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DECC Newsletter May 2021

Monday, 31 May 2021

Dear Members and Friends of DECC!Now is time for re-opening and getting together, enjoying the weather and the chance of being able to meet and socialize again!The current market situation is a bit challe...

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