Dear Members and Friends of DECC!

Yes, it is still me, Peter, writing this Chairman's corner. I would like to thank everyone who attended our AGM and elected our council. A very special thank to you Maris for your valuable work in our Council. We wish you all the best in all your activities and we look forward to continue our good cooperation, even though you are not in the council any more.

I had the honour of being re-elected as Chairman for one more term, and I look forward to a good and interesting year with the newly elected council.

Our focus areas will remain the same as earlier: Green Transition, Trade between Estonia and Denmark, and Nordic Management. You will see these focus areas in our upcoming event calendar.
Following the AGM, we held our postponed Christmas Dinner as Easter Dinner, with supreme Danish food made by the great team at La Cucina at Kreutzwald Hotel. It was indeed a very hyggelig evening, with old and new friends!
We have already some exciting events lined op for you. The first one is just around the corner - on 13 May we invite you to Tanker Brewery, which was recently bought by the Danish group Unibrew. Later in May we have the opportunity to get inside the the National Bank of Estonia and hear about the economic outlook in our turbulent time.

We are strengthening our cooperation with the other Danish Chambers around us. In our newsletter, you can read what our colleagues in Latvia are doing and if you wish, you can attend some of their events. We are brainstorming on joint events ideas for the future, so stay tuned! 
Right now, we are still at the start of the new world order, and a totally new global supply chain. This is affecting all parts of our lives. We are facing inflation around 7-10%, which is putting pressure on the growth of the economy. Within the business community there are turbulent times, and a lot of adjustments must be made, finding new suppliers, and we are already experiencing shortage of materials in almost all sectors. It will take time before we can see some kind of normality again - a new normality.

Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce is open if you need some leads either in Denmark or Estonia to adjust your supply chain or seek new business focus. Feel free to contact Anneli, me or any other council member, we are here to make connections!

Best regards

Peter Thomsen
Chairman of the Council
Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
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