Peter Thomsen

Chairman of DECC

Pilt Trading OÜ

Small Company Member

I have been a member of DECC since the beginning in 2007, and have used DECC as a place to meet my good friends and at the same time meet new people and get knowledge from interesting seminars and events. Not so seldom I have been able to use my contacts from DECC in my business, either directly or helping others! 

I see the future for DECC as a place to meet socially and keeping Yourself up-to-date with current issues such as legislation – but also about issues You wouldn't normally be involved in or would have knowledge about. At the same time, DECC should be a place for business connections and relations will be developed, and place where members will feel that they are getting something from being member. In 2015, I am actively involved organizing the business and networking conference on agriculture, Nordic Open 2015.


During my first Chairman period in 2019-2020, I have also been involved in FICE (Foreign Investors Council in Estonia) workgroup, with focus on education in Estonia. This work I will continue in the following year – now we have made the basic work, now we need to move forward. I will work for an active and relevant chamber in the following election time, creating value for our members – and get more members.

Ole Rasmussen
Vice Chairman of DECC (2023-)


European Energy A/S



Apart from a 3-year break at home on Funen 2014-16, I have lived here since 1998. In the first years I sat on the board of the Danish-Estonian Business Club, as it was then called.

My Danish-speaking wife and I have three bilingual sons, and we live privately in Alliku in Saue municipality.

Together with my wife, I run a small inbound travel agency (Panbaltica), but since 2011 I have been employed in various Estonian companies. My latest employment is for a Danish employer, European Energy, which specializes in renewable energy. This has made active membership in DECC relevant to me again, and therefore I also declared myself willing to accept election to the board.

In my free time, I sing in a choir, and I also like gardening as well as dealing with local politics (was a member of the municipal council in Saue municipality 2009-2013).


As a representative of a Danish company involved in sustainable energy I would like to contribute to highlighting the obstacles that are currently slowing down the realization of the Estonian government's goals within the green transformation of the energy sector. 

Marco Iovino

Partner and MD at SBM FastWood OÜ
Business Class member

Marco is a self-made entrepreneur with a long experience in the added-value wood industry and over 20 years of focus in the Baltic States. He co-founded SBM FastWood OÜ in 2010 and nowadays the Company’s product range consists mainly of modified wood materials and engineered products tailormade for the project market and for other international market segments that require solutions with high quality, performance and customer service.

Being half Danish and half Italian, and having lived in both countries earlier, Marco has a multicultural background and speaks several languages.

Marco is committed as a Board member in DECC to working transparently for higher value to all members.


Terje Henriksen
Runway International OÜ
Business Class Member 

Since end 90's I been a member of the Danish Estonian Chamber of Commerce ("Club" as it was named that time) - for me it's always been a pleasure to join the team, as I strongly believe we actually have made a difference in helping & supporting connecting Danish & Estonian companies & interest together. 

As a member of the council, I would like to pursuit a greater corporation with Estonian & Danish organizations situated in Denmark - by this way, better to be able to link up our members with opportunities and partners not only from Estonia BUT also directly from Denmark. Last year we had a very successful trip to Denmark - businesses across the boarders was linked up, and this I what I like to encourage more to happen again.

Veikko Toomere
NJORD Law Firm
Business Class member

Veikko Toomere is in happy cohabitation and has three children. Veikko is Attorney-at-Law. Partner at NJORD Law Firm. Member of Estonian Bar Association. Among his colleagues in Estonia, Veikko Toomere is highly valued as a qualified expert in the field of international transactions, M&A and especially as one of the best lawyers in the field of restructuring law.

In 2007, representing MAQS Law Firm, Veikko Toomere was one of the founders of the Chamber. Since then he has been a member of the Council of the Chamber (except in 2009-2011).


Visions about the Chamber: the Chamber should serve as a forum for Danish business society in Estonia from one side and from the other side as a meeting point of all “Danish-related” or “Danish-interested” people in Estonia.

Thomas Hviid

Private Member

I have been living in Estonia since 2008 and been a member of the chamber since 2011. At first I mostly joined the chamber to attend the excellent cultural and social activities the chamber offers in order to keep in touch with other Danes. From 2014 to 2017 I also experienced the business side of the chamber when I had my own company as a translator and freelance journalist and could use my membership to find new cooperation partners. 

Communication is my main specialty and I hope to raise the awareness of the work done in the chamber. And if businesses in Estonia would become more interested in Denmark, or vice versa, I will be happy too. 

Nowadays I work as poker manager for the gaming operator Coolbet.



Kaire Luuk

Kontiki Traveles OÜ

NGO Western-Harju Partnership

Private Member

I grow up in Jõhvi, North-Eastern part of Estonia. I have been quite a world traveler and I have had a wonderful opportunity to study, live and work in many countries like England, Canada, The United States of America, Netherlands, and Denmark. I have several years of experience in event management and tourism industry. Desire to learn more about event management took me to study at universities in Denmark. I studied and lived 8 years in Aalborg, Northern Jutland and fell in love with Denmark.  Its culture, “Hygge”, togetherness in families, home traditions are just some of the things everyone can learn something good from.

Since I have moved back to Estonia and settled in Tallinn, I have been working in different fields like License Manager at AS Eesti AGA /The Linde Group, Program Director/Tour leader in Scandinavia at Grand Circle Cruise Lines and as a Development Project Manager at The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI).

I joined the Danish Estonian Chamber of Commerce in 2016 and was elected to be a member of the Council in 2018. I am intensely interested in contributing my skills and experience to Danish Estonian Chamber of Commerce. My personal wish is, that cultural relations between Denmark and Estonia will grow in terms of official and individual contacts considerably and I believe that Danish Estonian Chamber of Commerce can contribute to that greatly.

Anders Zornig Zobbe
Capri Sun
Private Member

Lived in Estonia from Jan 2018 – June 2021 working for the beer company Carlsberg.


Today I am responsible for Global Logistics and Planning in Capri-Sun a market leader in Children’s juice. I am located in Heidelberg Germany.

From August I will move to Gothenburg Sweden where I will take the global responsibility for Inbound logistics and network design for Volvo Cars.


My family (5 children and Danish wife) and I hope that we one day can return to Estonia, if we can find a job that will provide enough challenges and secure bread and butter )).

We have a plan to look for some summer house or similar in Estonia so we can come there for our vacations at least.


Torben Porsholdt

Hestia Doors 
Small Company Member