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This book about Danish-Estonian relations is a good reading for the Estonian business people connected to Denmark. It is a valuable present for partners you work with in Estonia. Book about Danish-Estonian relations is a story about first contacts during the turbulent years of the early nineties, where Estonia fought for the independence, role of the Danish foreign policy at the time, twenty years of contacts between people from different social spheres, education, culture. Recent events have been saved for the history in text of 300 pages, with more than a hundred illustrations.


For the DECC members discount of 15 % is available, which makes the price into 14 euro. Make the order to the DECC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , naming number of exemplars. Invoice will be sent out and the Danish Cultural Institute will take care of the delivery.


Authors: Silvi Teesalu,  Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, Sven Erik-Nordberg, Lars Grønbjerg, Peter Kyhn, Count Ulrich Holstein-Holsteinborg.

The book is in Estonian, with English summary.