Chairman's Corner

Dear Members and Friends of our Chamber!

"A time of crisis is not just a time of  anxiety and worry. It gives a chance, an opportunity  to choose well or choose badly."
Desmond Tutu

No doubt , we are in a crisis - and there are no places that are not affected by this. It puts a lot of stress on everybody, everyday life has to change for many people - work from home mixed with homeschooling is not an easy combination. And for some people it has been even worse - they have lost their work for either a short period or permanently, given an uncertain future ahead.

But the nature of people never fails. We adapt new sitautions and realities, find new ways of doing everyday stuff, and even be social in a new way... for example having a beer with good friends over a meeting app - it is quite nice, I can tell you! Let the kids play via SKYPE with the friends... we find a way, that is what we do.

I would also like to thank all the front line workers who are fighting every day for the victims of this crisis! Plus a great appreciation to all the people who cannot work from home: farmers, truck drivers, shop keepers, supermarket and warehouse workers etc. There are actually many people needed to keep the society running, and this crisis has, if nothing else, shown to a lot of people how the big supply-chain works!

In this newsletter we have gathered a few stories from our members' everyday day life during the crisis, to have a sneak peak how others are handling this situation. Among others, we have an update from the good Danish soldiers in Tapa and how they are doing right now.

We will continue to keep You updated with any relevant news. Remember to keep yourself updated with the official news from the government sites available! 

Best regards

Peter Thomsen
Chairman of the Council
Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
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