NJORD Law Firm's partner, Karolina Ullman has written an article to local Ärileht on Danes being the best traders of the Nordics. She explains what have been the favorable conditions for the Danes to achieve their current position - the geographical location controlling the Baltic Sea, has been the colonial empire with colonies in Africa, West-Indies, Asia, Faroe Islands and Greenland. The author also points out a Danish virtue of taking risks. Ullman writes: "Even though the Danes enjoy establishing long-term relations with their partners, they also love taking risks."

Main points from the article:

  • Danes are experienced traders.
  • Danes are ready to take calculated risks.
  • Danes enjoy haggling over prices and conditions.
  • Danes are straightforward.
  • Denmark is also a digitilized society.
  • It is possible to establish a company with a few hours also in Denmark.
  • Danes keep their private and business life apart.
  • Business lunches are part of daily business.
  • Remind Danes about the joint history between Estonia and Denmark to further your relationship with them.



Further reading available at Ärileht in Estonian.

In English, please read from NJORD's homepage.