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DECC: What is PerCapita?

Martin Dungay, owner: PerCapita facilitates CEO discussion forums and internal development workshops. The company was established in 2006 by a psychologist and entrepreneur husband and wife team. Erge the psychologist had senior executive positions in Estonian enterprises and over 20 years’ experience in facilitating workshops and delivering corporate training programs. Martin the entrepreneur, had a diverse experience in international management and had owned and operated different companies in Estonia since 1992.

DECC: When should one consider PerCapita's services to be needed?
Martin Dungay: Our primary aim has been to help in the effective development of people within any organization.  We have grown into a team of 4 and are extremely capable in offering the best practice in international training methodology, materials and in the critical support of senior management in making these programs effective.  This has led us to a greater emphasis on leadership skills and supporting the development of senior management by offering monthly development groups, whereby executives from different industries can gain new insights into different management practices. If you are an individual executive looking for a new insight into your own professional development or for help in empowering your organization to better meet its challenges, then we are here to assist.

DECC: Why did you decide to join the DECC? Do you have a connection to Denmark as well?
Martin Dungay: We have a wide range of international clients, especially from Scandinavia and DECC can offer us new opportunities to widen our network and to make new friends.


Published: March 15, 2017 

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