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DECC: The Danish community remembers Joel Bezzaborkin from Vihula Manor, where he was working as a Sales Director. Since summer this year, Joel has received a new challenge in life - he's now a hotel manager in hotel St Barbara. Joel, why did you decide to take up a new challenge in life? Wouldn't it be easier to walk the same path?

Joel Bezzaborkin: the same path often means following the path, created by someone. Certainly, it is safe in some way – yes true. Challenging – not always, best for your personal growth – almost never. Life is in motion always, even when sometimes we don´t notice it. So in my life, I came to a breaking point, where I had to choose between walking the line, created by someone else, or making my own path, so you know what road I have chosen. It is pretty much all about dreams, imagination and encourages towards it. If you have imagination and positive state of mind, every challenge is possible. This is why I chose this new challenge in Tallinn.

DECC: St Barbara hotel and the Baieri Kelder restaurant have always been connected to Germany. What's the connection to Denmark?
Joel Bezzaborkin: History. Our country, place of birth, heritage – possibility to appreciate the best values from different cultures, designing the whole nation is the connection here between us, Germany and Denmark as they both have left their mark to Estonia(ns), but also gained well known values, such as the Danish flag, that fell from the sky here in Reval (Tallinn). I believe this is a connection that lasts throughout the nations and politics and remains deep in our minds. But when we come to nowadays and connecting values, then my first answer is FOOTBALL. Love for football connects us and the Danes.

DECC: What's the story behind St Barbara? Doesn't sound too Estonian, either German.

Joel Bezzaborkin: I love this question, as history has always been one of my favorite topics and I look into it with the most willing interest. St.Barbara monastery was built here in the same location on the 13th century but was destroyed as a threat to Reval City walls, because it gave an enemy a possibility to gain attacking material right next to the city walls and bomb it with the same rocks from a monastery. So for security reasons, it was destroyed, but the place remained, because of the cemetery and as it was holy grounds for locals. That is the reason why we still know this today. But as it comes to Saint Barbara, then she was best known as the patron saint of armourers, artillerymen, military engineers, miners and others who work with explosives because of her old legend's association with lightning, and also of mathematicians – saint, who gave her life for her principals and goodwill, and therefore became a saint. Considering all previous facts I could not find a better name for the hotel.

DECC: Both Danes and Germans are well known for the love of beer. Could you introduce the selection of beer offered in the house?

Joel Bezzaborkin: And us, Estonians as well – we love beer a lot. We can be proud for several facts that concern beer. Baieri Kelder has one of the best and biggest choices of German and Austrian draft beers, such as Paulaner, Hoegaarden Weissbeer, and Leffe Blonde. In total, we offer daily 8 different German draft beers and we are the only place in Estonia, who serves Paulaner Dunkel as a draft beer. I believe that is quite a good reason to head your steps towards Baieri Kelder to have a beer or two in the after hours, to meet up a friend, share an emotion or do something for a first time in life and order one Paulaner Dunkel draft beer. I think these are just a few magnificent samples from a mutual love for beer!


Published: October 2016