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DECC: What is HD Fest Forest and what is the connection to Denmark?

Kai Thygesen: HD FestForest is a subsidiary of the Danish Hede Danmark group, who has 150 years anniversary in 2016. HD FestForest is a Baltic forestry company present in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and we provide forestland investment opportunities and offer comprehensive forest management services in all the three Baltic states. We serve both private investors and global institutional investors and our vision is to significantly increase clients' rates of return.

DECC: What is the main activity of HD FestForest in Estonia?

Kai Thygesen: In Estonia we manage more than 16,000 hectares forests and some 3,300 hectares farmland. Our foresters manage the forests on behalf of our international clients and our book keepers make reports monthly and annually. Basically we connect international investors with local sellers of Estonian forests and then optimize the return of the investor by managing his forests. We have been active in Estonia since 1998 and our office is located in Tartu and headed by Toomas Kams our Estonian Country Manager.

DECC: What can we expect from HD FestForest in 2016?

Kai Thygesen: Our ambition is to attract more investors to Estonia and increase the brand awareness of our company. We would like to present our company and what we do one evening in Tallinn, we will run some campaigns and lastly we will arrange field trips to the forests for potential interested investors. In addition I can mention that the yearly company gathering for all employees will take place exactly in Estonia in 2016. This annual staff event revolves between Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and it is definitely the highlight of the year.

Published: January 2016