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MatchBusiness OÜ (est 2010) became a member of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce in March 2014. We asked them a few questions that the CEO and founder of MatchBusiness OÜ Mrs Anneli Valge was glad to reply.

  • What is behind the name Match Business? What kind of consulting company is it?
    Bringing together people or companies does not differ so much as one could think. It is all about matching the pain with right medicine. When the rational parameters are matched, then the final decision will be made with emotions. MatchBusiness OÜ is helping the companies to find their perfect partner/match in Estonia. Future plan is to offer service also for Estonian companies to find partners in Denmark and Norway.
  • There are lots of consultants who claim they can assist in finding partners in other countries. Could you say what makes you different amongst all the rest?
    MB is helping companies from the countries we know and in the country which we are experts in- Estonia. We have experience in this over 14 years. This has given us a remarcable network.
  • You are now welcomed as a member of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce. What is your connection to Denmark and Estonia?
    Before establishing MB I was Commercial Advisor at the Danish Embassy in Tallinn. As there is no Commercial Advisor in Estonia anymore, I am the alternative for Danish companies.
  • We recently had an event where we discussed on how to create sales network in Scandinavia. Do you have any hints and tips to share what would be the key to succes to find partners in Scandinavia?
    As my main business so far has been Estonian based then I have experience in here. But what applies to finding partners wherever is to get to know the local culture and do theral research before contacting anyone. Best solution would be to find someone who knows this country/market. TRUST is very important. You should be honest and reliable. Keep the promised deadlines. Get familiar with the prices for the same product/service you are offering in this market and offer first time a bit lower price. After the trust has been built the price could be renegotiated. People in Scandinavia like more personal touch like phonecalls more than e-mails. Knowing local language is a big pluss. Try to avoid using general e-mail adresses. Call and ask who should the info be sent to.  These are only few suggestions...

    Thank you for the interview! We wish you the best of success and welcome you to the chamber network. We look forward to your active participation at chamber events.

Published: March 2014