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Join The Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

  • Company name and logo
  • Short presentation
  • Referrals to potential partners
  • 3 FREE advertisements
  • Special offers for other DECC members
  • Representation by DECC in FICE
  • + All other standard DECC services
  1. Company name and logo (linkable to the website) on the DECC web-page (members-list page).
  2. Short presentation of your company on the DECC web-page.
  3. Referrals upon enquiries of potential clients and business partners (after Business Executive and Business + members).
  4. 3 free advertisements at the DECC web-page.
  5. Opportunity to provide special offers to other DECC Members and DECC contact list.
  6. Represented by DECC in Foreign Investors Council in Estonia (FICE)
  7. All other standard DECC services (newsletters, invitations etc).