Congratulations! The Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce's football team led by captain Thomas Hviid, took a glourious 2nd prize at International Chambers' of Commerce's Football Tournament 2011.


"We are red, we are white, we are Danish dynamite! Yahooooo!"


A tradition started in 2010 to organize an outdoor, social and sporty event for the chambers members who by routine, spend most of their working hours in offices at their desks in front of the screens or sitting in airplanes and moving from one business meeting to another. A great way to spend a day outdoors, play sports and mingle with other business people.


This year's prizes were given to:

1st prize - British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

2nd prize - Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

3rd prize - Junior Chamber International


More information about the event, please visit for program, photos, full prizing list.