Terje Henriksen
Chairman of the DECC
Runway International OÜ
Business Class Member



Since end 90's I been a member of the Danish Estonian Chamber of Commerce ("Club" as it was named that time) - for me it's always been a pleasure to join the team, as I strongly believe we actually have made a difference in helping & supporting connecting Danish & Estonian companies & interest together. 

As a member of the council, I would like to pursuit a greater corporation with Estonian & Danish organizations situated in Denmark - by this way, better to be able to link up our members with opportunities and partners not only from Estonia BUT also directly from Denmark. Last year we had a very successful trip to Denmark - businesses across the boarders was linked up, and this I what I like to encourage more to happen again.

Veikko Toomere
Vice-chairman of the DECC

NJORD Law Firm
Business Class member

Veikko Toomere is in happy cohabitation and has three children. Veikko is Attorney-at-Law. Partner at NJORD Law Firm. Member of Estonian Bar Association. Among his colleagues in Estonia, Veikko Toomere is highly valued as a qualified expert in the field of international transactions, M&A and especially as one of the best lawyers in the field of restructuring law.

In 2007, representing MAQS Law Firm, Veikko Toomere was one of the founders of the Chamber. Since then he has been a member of the Council of the Chamber (except in 2009-2011).


Visions about the Chamber: the Chamber should serve as a forum for Danish business society in Estonia from one side and from the other side as a meeting point of all “Danish-related” or “Danish-interested” people in Estonia.


Marco Iovino
Livonian Wood OÜ
Business Class member

I am half Danish, half Italian, and an experienced, Estonian-speaking professional within the processed timber industry, having since 2001 developed a well established wholesale export network from Estonia to several European countries, based on quality, service and innovative wood-based products.

After having lived in Italy and Denmark, I permanently live in Estonia since 2006, when I started Livonian Wood OÜ, the company intermediating and trading in solid wooden furniture, semi-finished wooden products and components for the buiding industry. I have also started the joint-venture SBM FastWood OÜ, the official distributor in the Baltic Republics of Accoya, the world's leading high technology long life wood.

On the side, I am also the founder and owner of The Red Baron International OÜ, an authorized wine importer marketing a range of selected and exclusive Italian brands, together with wine accessories and cellar furnishings. I have experience in various different industries; however, his career focus has been continuously in international trading and management. I am a real European, with multiple citizenships and a multicultural background, speaking fluently several different languages.

As a member of the DECC, I want to represent and interact with all members equally and transparently, and work with the rest of the council in order to achieve a higher level of value for members, as part of the clear strategy. I am committed to refreshing the image and increasing the size of the organization, in a way that will make our organization stronger and more attractive for new members to join, and for the other organizations to cooperate with.

I have also been an elected Treasurer of the board of FICE (Foreign Investors' Council in Estonia) in 2014-15.

For more information about me, please visit his LinkedIN profile.


Renè Møller
Rene Trading OÜ
Business Class member


Hei, I am Danish and 57 years old. I am educated as a Lithographic printer, and have been working hole life in the graphic world, I came first time to Estonia in 95, where I was helping establishing a printing house in Kuressare, here we were printing the local newspaper Oma Saar ntil spring 1997. I has been living here permanent since December 2005.

I have in Tallinn a small broker company which are serving basicly The Scandinavian marked, but also as fare in the world as to Faroe Islands. I am very open minded and try every day to explore my limits and find new areas that can develop my company in good direction.


I had through my job in Denmark lot of experience in how the mechanism is working about companies development, during many years I was sitting the company board and being reprehensive for my colleges there. I believe the chamber should be a devolvement place for new ideas that can bring the members closer to each other and get there business ideas out in a bigger forum. The social aspect in that we Danes are meeting with  our partners in the chamber is also very important and is the keystone in establishing a good network.

Peter Thomsen
Viru Õlu AS
Business Class member

I have been a member of DECC since the beginning in 2007, and have used DECC as a place to meet my good friends and at the same time meet new people and get knowledge from interesting seminars and events. Not so seldom I have been able to use my contacts from DECC in my business, either directly or helping others! 

I see the future for DECC as a place to meet socially and keeping Yourself up-to-date with current issues such as legislation – but also about issues You wouldn't normally be involved in or would have knowledge about. At the same time, DECC should be a place for business connections and relations will be developed, and place where members will feel that they are getting something from being member. In 2015, I am actively involved organizing the business and networking conference on agriculture, Nordic Open 2015.

During this first election time I have also been involved in FICE (Foreign Investors Council in Estonia) workgroup, with focus on education in Estonia. This work I will continue in the following year – now we have made the basic work, now we need to move forward. I will work for an active and relevant chamber in the following election time, creating value for our members – and get more members.

Roland Vent
Vesta Terminal Tallinn OÜ
Business Class member

Roland Vent works for Vesta Terminal Tallinn as a Management Board member – CFO. Since 1996 -2007 worked at Eurodek, former Danish Oil Trading Company. Since 2007 working at Vesta group. I had and I have a close connection with Denmark as I lived there and look forward to giving my input to the chamber’s council.

Søren Hejnfelt
Private member

As a member of the DECC Council since 2011, I moderated Nordic Open 2012 and 2013 and our Annual General Assembly seminars in 2013 and 2014. I actively contribute to the DECC strategy and development using my core expertise in business management and sales.

I support high-quality events focused on facilitating Estonian businesses international growth through sales and networking, such as Nordic Open and plan on contributing to such events in the future as I have in the past. With global business and management experience ranging from Danish A. P. Møller Mærsk to Estonian Cloutex, I plan on continuously supporting the chamber management actively as I have in the past years.