Dear Members and Friends of DECC!


Spring is here, and the last snow is smelting under the spring rain and sun. With the spring comes new energy, and this is needed with the current situation in Estonia!

1 year ago we came into the first lock-down, and here one year later, we find ourselves still in lock-down. But by now, we have adapted to this "new norm" and the economy is finding new ways of doing business.

EU has allocated huge sums of money to ease the crises, and earmarked a big portion for the green transitions, giving opportunities for companies to use this crisis to a greener and more suitable development. 

Of course there are business sectors that have very hard conditions under the lock-down, and these are not easily helped out by different means, especially the hospitality and other tourists businesses, but somehow these will also change what is normal in these business; virtual sightseeing, hotel rooms use for private offices, take-away food etc.  
Remember we can all help them by using their services whenever possible - buy locally and use our vacation locally - which is also good for our climate!
Virtual events open new possibilities for cross-border cooperation. We have started a good dialogue with our sister organisation, Danish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, as well as we are continuing our partnership with the other Nordic Chambers in Estonia. In the near future, we have plans to arrange events about Real Estate, Marketing & Sales and Nordic Leadership together with our partners. We will keep you updated once the details have been agreed with our partners and speakers. For our network in Danmark, we recommend to attend the webinar aobout Estonian e-residency and its possibilities - read more about it in the next section. 
We look forward to seeing you all at our Annual General Meeting and other upcoming events. In the meantime, stay safe and negative with a positive mindset!

Best regards

Peter Thomsen
Chairman of the Council
Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
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