Autumn is here and we can look back at a different summer, in all aspect of life! The Covid19 is still having an effect on the entire life, from school to work places. But some kind of normality is starting to sink in, people are getting use to social distancing and other measurers that are in place to keep our society as safe as possible. At the same time the questions start to come, is it too much, are the governments doing all the right things etc., and this is all natural, but I strongly suggest to follow the guidelines and seek information where ever possible from the trustworthy sources.

It is great to welcome 3 news members in DECC. They are all brining in some new ideas and business-types, all making DECC stronger and broader our span of different business areas.

High-level visits from the Danish government, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister, have again shown the tight connection between Denmark and Estonia. Also on the business front, Denmark is pushing the green agenda and advising relevant Estonian counter parts in how to progress in this area.

We are working closely together with the other Nordic Chambers, and we will also start to work closer with the other Baltic Chambers. We plan to arrange some webinars on health issues, on the financial outlook for 2021 etc. More information about this later from our good Manager Anneli.

The Nordic Management style, what is this and is it relevant in Estonia anno 2021? This is a question that we will work with in the nearby future, and I hope that we will have a physical seminar about this later, with special invited guest speakers and local managers telling about their experiences here in Estonia. It is going to be interesting!!

Today's newsletter has a new section for job advertisements. Are you looking for a job or for a new employee in your company? Anneli has helped to bring together several people and companies in our network, maybe you can be the next one? Write to us!

Stay safe and stay negative! Again, a warm welcome to all our new members!

Best regards

Peter Thomsen
Chairman of the Council
Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
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