Dear Members and Friends of our Chamber!

The summer came and left, farmers all over are harvesting the food for the next year.

2020 has been a difficult year so far, and just as we thought that the worst has past, the pandemic is on the return and forces countries to take special measures in order to avoid further spreading of Corona - among others the travel restrictions between Estonia and Denmark. Sadly, this has led to a deep crises for many sectors. Hardest ones are hotels and restaurants, and of course, the travel sector in general. However, I am convinced that many companies will find new ways of doing business and this way stay alive in a new world normal.

It gives hope to see some companies doing well in these times. For example, our good member Flexa is having so many orders that they are going to increase their workforce, which is a great benefit for the local communities around Flexa. If you have similar stories to share, let us know.

In a time where many people are spending many hours in front of the computer and have more time for reading than ever, it is very important to keep the common sense and skeptical mind. A fake/twisted news can have a great impact on good companies that are working hard and doing everything correct. Should you face this kind of problems, please let me or Anneli know and we will use our network and contacts to help you.

I am together with Anneli and the council members working on a program for the autumn. It is not easy since we don’t know exactly what we can plan for, but we have some exciting events in our pipeline. We are already planning our Christmas Party – book the date 27.11.2020!
Our chamber is very thankful for the great and long-time support from the Danish embassy in Tallinn and the Estonian embassy in Copenhagen. In today's newsletter you have the opportunity to read an exclusive interview with the new Estonian Ambassador to Denmark, Dr. Mart Laanemäe. 

Hope you see You all soon at one of our next event - more information will follow very soon.

Stay negative and optimistic!
Peter Thomsen
Chairman of the Council
Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
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