Dear Members and Friends of our Chamber!

Spring is almost gone and summer just around the corner, and the countries are opening for business again. But it does not come easy. The nearby future will be challenging for many businesses, especially those in the hospitality and people transport industries. The best thing You can do, shop and buy local produced products, use Your vacation in Estonia and book directly so the hotels/hostels etc. doesn’t pay back to booking companies.

Luckily many businesses have been running well and perhaps even better during these difficult times, and I truly hope that they can keep it up in the future. In this newsletter we have asked our good friends in Carlsberg to give an inside to how a big international company is handling the crisis at hand, from floor level throughout the entire organization.

Shortly we will start slowly opening up with our activities again. It is a good chance to get out of your home, under the conditions given, to have a laugh, a glass of wine and good food in a great company – so please join us for the next social gathering together with NECC and SCCE already on the 18 June.

We will keep our finger on the pulse and decide on an ongoing basis how many and what kind of events we can organize for the rest of the season. We will stay in close contact, virtually and in person!
Best regards

Peter Thomsen
Chairman of the Council
Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

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Read the full DECC Newsletter June 2020