Chairman's Corner

Dear Members and Friends of our Chamber!

Spring time is now finally here, and the sun gives new hope and energy for the time ahead of us. Across Europe we start to see governments start to open up, but unfortunately there are still countries that are hit hard from the pandemic.

Here in Estonia we also see a slow movement against returning to the normal, and hopefully this process will speed up over time as the situation allows it. In this time, it is vital to watch out and be critical for the decisions made during the state of emergency. Not all laws are temporary and some have great effect for the future. FICE together with AMCHAM has kept an eye on some of the laws that have been changed. DECC, together with other Estonian chambers of commerce, have sent a letter to the Prime Minister, stating that the business cannot come out worse on the other side of the crisis due to hidden political agenda.

In DECC, we are preparing to start our physical activities within the frames given by the authorities, and we will let You know as soon as possible once we have an overview of what we can do and when. Meanwhile, we are happy to invite you to attend a free webinar about the Danish market opportunities - please read more below and register via the provided link. 

Inspite of the corona crisis, many of our members are very active, finding new ways of business and some even hiring new people. If you wish to promote your products or services, need help to find employees with relevant Nordic background or share any other information in our network via DECC newsletter and FB, feel free to write to Anneli on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Stay safe, and good luck in the nearby future - and be prepared for the new normal!!

Best regards

Peter Thomsen
Chairman of the Council
Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
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