On 12 September, Estonian Ambassador to Denmark Märt Volmer opened the Honorary Consul’s Office in Vordingborg in eastern Denmark. The new honorary consul is Filip Rasmussen who is member of DECC Council and has more than 20 years of experience of working with Estonia. Rasmussen was also one of the main initiators of the joint celebrations of the 800th anniversary of the Dannebrog flag.

According to Ambassador Märt Volmer, the opening of the Honorary Consul's Office in Vordingborg makes it easier to build on the historic friendship between Estonia and Denmark. “Vordingborg is the hinterland of the capital region, an important point for tourists travelling to western Europe, home to industrious farmers and the cradle of the joint history of Estonia and Denmark,” the Ambassador said. “In Filip Rassmussen, we have gained a very active and capable honorary consul who has already worked with us on several successful joint projects, and I am sure there are more to come in the future,” Ambassador Volmer added.

Filip Rasmussen has boosted relations between Estonia and Denmark for years, especially in tourism and agriculture, and with several cultural projects. In addition to his huge contribution to the joint anniversary celebrations of the Dannebrog, he was also one of the initiators of the Danish week in Estonia and the Estonian week in Denmark. As an honorary consul, he plans to focus more on enhancing economic cooperation between Estonia and Denmark through exports, and highlights bolstering ties in tourism, culture and education.

The nearly two hundred honorary consuls of the Republic of Estonia play an important role in representing Estonian interests in the world. Honorary consuls are prominent and respected locals who help bring the Estonian state to the furthest corners of the world. Their primary task is providing consular services and consular help to Estonian citizens abroad as well as advancing economic relations and making useful contacts for Estonian entrepreneurs. Honorary consuls are not paid by the Estonian state for their services.

The Honorary Consul’s Office is located at Stavreby Strandvej, Præstø, and covers the municipalities of Vordingborg, Guldborgsund, Næstved, Lolland, Faxe and Stevns.

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Photo by Mikkel Rasmussen