On Wednesday, November 1 the DECC had an excellent opportunity to visit the oldest distillery in the region - Liviko, one of the flagship enterprises of Estonia. Established in 1898, 100% Estonian ownership, ca 300 employees, with import share of 40%. With just a 70 different alcohol beverages being produced in Liviko, the company is one of the biggest taxpayers in Estonia. This is where the Export Marketing Director, Anna-Kai Tõrs underlines that Liviko is not only a producer but also a distributor. Bacardi, Martini, Nemiroff, Grey Goose, Bombay are just a few samples from the prominent portfolio.


Liviko is also considering important the corporate social responsibility (CSR) taking the lead in promoting the responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol. All of their products come with warning signs that call for the responsible consumption of alcohol. Also, they've been a long-time supporter of the National Opera House “Estonia”, the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and the Art Museum of Estonia.


When the DECC asked about their export challenges, then Anna-Kai Tõrs turned it around and commented that the current situation, in fact, is good for Liviko. It's trendy to taste small producers' products and indeed, Liviko is small compared to the giant corporations. Small is original, it's interesting!


Liviko's export is concentrated in the region - Nordic countries, Baltic countries, as well as Ukraine and Russia. Did you know that Vana Tallinn is their number one export article and it is sold in 27 different countries in over more than 20 different bottles that differ in size as well as in design? A jubilee edition of Vana Tallinn was specially made for Finland - Tumma Lakritsi Suomi 100 vuotta - Hyvälle naapurille Virosta. A special Vana Tallinn with liquorice. A direct proposal from the delegation was made to create a special edition also for the Dannebrog's 800 anniversary. Our hosts promised to consider the idea :)


The DECC thanks our hosts for the warm and tasty welcome at Liviko Anna-Kai Tõrs, the Director of Export Marketing and Jörgen Herman, the Director of Marketing!

Check out the photos of the visit.