Seminar was conducted as business breakfast at Radisson Blu hotel 24th floor lounge in cooperation with Swedish-Estonian, Danish-Estonian and Finnish-Estonian Chambers of Commerce and Innovation Norway. The key speakers were Mr. Andres Arrak, the Director of Entrepreneurship Institute of Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and Seppo Lahtinen Lindorff.

The seminar started with interesting overview of neoclassical consumption society by noted economist Mr. Andres Arrak. He is known to rock the society to the core and he did that. Mr. Arrak stated that the neoclassical consumption society has met its end and provided solutions as promised. An interesting presentation gave a good overview of the reasons and arguments why the neoclassical consumption society is outdated. In the light of his presentation we believe that everyone had something to think about later on.

Next up was Mr. Seppo Lahtinen, who gave the needed insight of the 3rd generation cash flow management. What it consisted of and how to use it in the company. The presentation was interesting and futuristic, consisted of good arguments and examples. The most overwhelming was the fact that there are already big companies starting to use the innovative and new idea. Many participants were grateful for the tips and advices that were provided during the presentation. We believe that all the participants got a good insight of the future cash flow management and how to use it.

Lindorff would like to thank all the cooperation partners, speakers and participants. A number of photos from the event can be found from