On 27th of February, at the Academy Awards 2011 an Oscar for the best foreign language film was given to "In A Better World" by Susanne Bier, a Danish film director. Susanne Bier has said: "Our experiment in this film is about looking at how little it really takes before a child – or an adult – thinks something is deeply unjust. It really doesn't take much, and I find that profoundly interesting. And scary."


The Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Cultural Institute organized a reception with special invites to watch the film's premier in Estonia. In addition, we gave 18 invites to people who took part of the cinema ticket competition where people had to give a correct reply to a question: "The European 23rd Film Awards ceremony took place in Tallinn, Nokia concerthall on Dec 4, 2010. A Danish actor was a nominee for the European Actor award. He also participated in the award ceremony. Who was this person?

The correct reply was of course: Jakob Cedergreen


The Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce and

the Danish Cultural Institute thank Exitfilm for excellent cooperation!

Merli & Silvi


*** Please find the list of lucky winners: Andrus Oks, Astrid Vilt, Christian Benzon Kaae, Erik Hansen, Eve Otsa, Ingemar Sundquist, Ingrid Thomsen, Kristine Ross, Kylli Kõiv, Monika Siiraki, Olev Luhthein, Philip Philipoff, Riho Raudi, Siiri Treufeld, Tarmo mamers, Thomas Hviid, Tiina Toomet, Tiiu Mamers.


*** The film takes place in small-town Denmark and a refugee camp in Africa and is about the lives of two Danish families, and an extraordinary and risky friendship, sorrow, loneliness, frailty. The film is shown in Coca-Cola Plaza.