Business after-hours: "Export and sales challenges of a distillery"

26.10.2017 | 17:00
DECC members - Free of Charge


We have the pleasure to invite you to our next business after-hours event on Thursday, October 26th at 5 pm. This time we will visit one of the flagship enterprises of Estonia – Liviko. Established in 1898, Liviko is one of the largest Baltic companies dealing with quality alcoholic beverages. Peter Rasmussen, Export Director of Liviko will introduce us to the challenges a modern and responsible distillery is facing in today’s world. Exporting to over 30 countries in the world under different jurisdictions, various taste preferences and at distant locations can be a pretty good challenge.

17:00 meeting at the Liviko gates
Tour in the production
Liviko presentation and export challenges (to be held in the museum)
Product testing
19:00 End

Registration is open via web link here. Please keep in mind that registration is open for people over 21 years of age. Registration will close when we have reached the maximum number of participants, but no later than October 23rd. The event is free of charge for the members of the DECC, non-members participation fee 25€.


Business after-hours:


  1. Liviko AS - Website
  2. Street: Masina 11
  3. ZIP: 10144
  4. City: TALLINN
Liviko AS

Liviko, established in 1898, is the national Estonian alcohol producer combining more than a century of local alcohol production traditions and the demanding taste of today’s clients. Our most well-known brands, Viru Valge Vodka and Vana Tallinn Liqueur, symbolize a steady level of quality in the domestic market, lasting from one generation to the other and withstanding the challenges of different eras and conceptions.Liviko, having started more than a hundred years ago as a local distillery, has in the course of time developed into an alcohol producer which operates with a wide product portfolio in more than 20 export markets. Its prominence and reputation far exceed the borders of the local markets. Approximately one-third of Liviko’s production is marketed in a variety of export markets worldwide.   The successful development of our Latvian and Lithuanian subsidiaries has made the Liviko group one of the most prominent alcohol companies in the Baltic States. Liviko has also carried out long-term and thorough preparations to enter Asian markets by establishing a subsidiary in Japan and starting large-scale export to the land of the rising sun in 2011.